About Us

Who We Are

Anilec Systems Limited is a renewable energy company in Nigeria, committed to providing clean affordable and uninterrupted smart energy solutions. We offers lasting solutions to the endemic problem of power supply interruption; through the provision our regular Consultancy, Power Systems and Solar Systems Solutions.

We design and builds high performing solar energy systems. Our team has extensive experience and we closely link modeling, building, and monitoring to provide solar solutions with the highest return on investment. We go beyond supply and installation to providing free consultation, recommendation, energy management and audit.

Our broad range of solar solutions is tailored to meet the energy needs of residential homes and businesses in urban areas across Nigeria and West Africa.

We supply and install high quality solar panels, inverters and storage batteries that generate and delivers power for you at maximum efficiency.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals and engineers who ensures the power needs of our clients are met at the most affordable price and also provide 24/7 support of the infrastructure when needed. With Anilec Systems Limited, you have a power solution that works, lasts and is tailored to your unique needs and specifications.


We go beyond supply and installation to providing free consultation, recommendation, energy management and audit.



  • Homes
  • Corporate Offices
  • Government Ministries
  • Gas Stations
  • Hotels
  • Telecommunication/IT Firms
  • Hospitals/Health Centers
  • Churches
  • Recreational Centers
  • Schools/Training Centers
  • Villages/Agricultural settlements
  • Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems
  • Solar Powered Off-Grid and Hybrid systems
  • Solar Powered Streetlight
  • Renewable energy research and development etc.

To actively contribute to the evolution of the power generation system towards a renewable and sustainable model which does not depend on power from fosil fuels thereby conserve our environment.

To provide Practical, applicable and quality cutting edge Solar Technology to our consumers which is always available, affordable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and also maintening a very smooth customer relationship with 247 technical support.

Total commitment to our customers in terms of technical support, prompt delivery of quality products and services, prompt completion of projects with excellence as standard in all we do.

We also strive daily to come up with more stable innovative designs and solutions in other to serve our customers better and also improve staff development and welfare.